Tools for trading

Within the scope of the permanent pursuit of the great efforts made by STRATTON FX company to develop and improve its services to all its customers, this page contains several important tools which are indispensable for every trader, regardless of being a trader beginner or a professional, which facilitates the trading experience and make it a special luster experience and features important, the credibility of our company and the pursuit of all that is new and important for trading customers requires us to put in your hands the following trading tools that take the experience to the world of Tdaolkm gains secured transactions.


The Stratton FX company provide you with the latest news and analysis of the global economic markets market because as we know, these markets are affected by the move, according to political and economic news, which affect them directly, will enable this section to keep abreast of everything that is important and New Forex News and thus increase the influence of the power of your account and your sale within guaranteed more deals. You can get the latest developments in the forex news and analysis and follow-up here.

Trading recommendations are considered one of the most important and the most powerful tools to help traders and investors to complete their trading to the fullest, it enables you to see the opportunities that exist in the market and thus exploit these opportunities for the benefit of their own account which allows increase and consolidate their gains. The STRATTON FX company that provides you Dear necessary recommendations by professional analysis crew's our company component of the largest professionals in the trading market as the crew works 24 daily hours in order to provide the best recommendations, the most important and that will ultimately increase our traders strategies.

You can schedule economic events and build your own trading strategies based on the current and future of the Forex market economic events as this table has more effective and powerful tools a trader in the global trading market for keeping up with the most important developments of the economy and at the global level. You can follow economic events table below to take advantage of all that is new data from the results of the task and the data on it.

Analysis goods news, indicators and stock Home One of the most important factors for commodity trading, indicators and stock major successful and fruitful is necessary to follow the movements of the market and keep pace constantly, this sponsor Dear rolling expand your experience in the market and thereby enhancing your wallet own strategies and direction of successful trading. You can follow everything you need from analysis and news on commodities, indices and stocks Home and get full coverage of their own below