The company offers several types of accounts that differ between each other. The mini account is available and suitable for beginners in the forex market. What distinguishes this account is the amount of first deposit that can go up to US $ 200.

Also available is normal account - medium account - which we recommend to investors who would like to start their new path in the world of financial investment. The majority of our investors find that the average account is the best way to start trading because it offers several convenient advantages to them, including professional account manager and a 20-hour Forex trading education course.
Big investors prefer the Golden accounts where the size of the deposit can go up to a million US dollars.
STRATTON FX offer specialized account managers and professional management of the accounts of these investors in order to be able to exploit the opportunities available in this market and thus achieve a high proportion of earnings that aren't available in other type of accounts.
Owners of these accounts also get daily mobile recommendations with very high success rates, while enjoying technical support 24 hours every day.

20,000$ Minimum 2500$ Minimum500$ MinimumDeposit
YesYesYesDaily Analysis: Morning Report
YesYesYesTrading by desktop computer and mobile phone
YesYesYesEducational video lessons
Yes--Clients 24-hour service
YesYesYesSeminars and meetings on the Internet
YesYesYesDedicated account manager
Yes--News and signals in SMS messages
Yesyes-Daily special analysis
Yes--Special customer service