The benefits of major foreign currencies with STRATTON FX trading company

STRATTON FX company that enables its customers to get high and significant leverage to reach up to 1: 400, which allows you to double the capital and the largest amount of trading in contrast to other brokerage firms, which is subjected to very limited leverage. So you can be traded in foreign currencies using the leverage that will ensure you strengthen the power and influence of your investment.

STRATTON FX that the company is working with the world's largest and most powerful banking institutions to offer it to its customers the best prices found. Therefore, the foreign currency trading through our company is characterized by the lack of commissions or fees, allowing our customers to trade free of commissions and includes only a very simple point difference which ensures capital investor and trading safety.

Seeks STRATTON FX company strives to provide the best services to its customers and from this standpoint, the trading room available to our customers 24 hours to receive the necessary support and guidance to complete the trading securely and content, whether you are a trader or a novice His previous experience the bulk of our attention in STRATTON FX company is to provide a trading experience interesting enjoyable and successful. You can communicate with us by phone or e-mail.

The foreign exchange market is one of the largest markets on a global scale and the most popular, which makes it an important market for many traders, this market has more than 50 currency pairs, which makes it a strong and many important market movements.

The forex market is available daily 24 hours a day for five days a week starting at 21:00 GMT on Sunday to 21:00 GMT on Friday

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We draw your attention to that STRATTON FX company has the full right to reduce leverage, determine the maximum and control and expand the margin, according to considerations of special and exclusive. For more information you can page the laws and conditions visit.