Fundamental analysis is a method which seeks and strives to guess and anticipate the amount and value of key trading what, so that they are based on the theory that the market price for the financial support that bend to move towards the real amount or the so-called “core-worth.”

Seeks fundamental analysis in the forex market to guess within the scope of the business cycle and anticipate the amount and value of the currency and price in the market is driven by factors analysis of economic impacts in the current, government policies and social conditions. The investors of the foreign exchange market by comparing the economic situation of the state and measured according to the study of the level of macro-economic indicators, which include:

– Holds GDP.

– Indicators that relate to functions as an indicator of the unemployed or unemployment.

– Surplus or trade deficit.

– CPI and retail confidence.

– Governments policies between monetary and fiscal.

– Spending indicators index and consumer price inflation any.

– Reporting of interest rates by central banks.                              

You can learn more indicators extensively and know the many indicators and more diverse ones and their impact on the market and trends through the pages of our own economic indicators visit.                             

– The positive aspects of fundamental analysis:
The most important positive feature provided by fundamental analysis which are:

– Identify trading opportunities with long-term.

– Identify the basic and fundamental value of the investment.


– negative aspects of fundamental analysis:
Fundamental analysis includes topics like the pros and cons and also one of the cons of fundamental analysis is the existence of many of the economic indicators that can affect the traders, especially beginners to confuse them and disintegration because of the diversity and plurality of indicators.