Basic economic indicators

Economic indicators are considered the macro level and statistics by which the expression of the current state of the economy and the current of a State based on a certain scale of the economy such as industry, trade and the labor market, among others. The announcement posted on the indicators and the general level at a given time is determined by the government agencies and the private sector.

Believes Stratton FX company news and economic agenda, which allow you to follow events through which the economic news, these indicators can be a resource and an irreplaceable point of reference for each trader in the foreign exchange market and when to use these indicators right way and the right way.

These indicators and statistics to provide help and support for traders as it gives them a way to monitor the general global economy moves accurately expanded Therefore, we believe that it is not something strange or surprising the majority of traders of the global financial markets to monitor these indicators. As always we see the movements in the market when these indicators are published, that the importance of the index, which is published directly affect the market movements and strength and intensity so it is very important to know it and understand important indicators and key and what is.

That interest rates have a real impact and an important move in the currency levels in the foreign exchange market, as the central financial institutions such as banks to set interest rates, it is one of the effective and vital aspects in the market and the most important. Interest rates play a larger role in the course of the imposition of money in circulation. The representation of the economy of each country and the other currencies, therefore, is the difference in interest rates affect the relative value of currencies between each other, as when the central banks to convert interest rates and change it this lead to market volatility and driven. The outlook for the actions of central banks in the currency trading market would strengthen the chances of rolling and enhances the possibilities of trading has a circulation of more successful and fruitful.

The more indicators that measure a country's economy is an indicator of GDP, as it represents holds an estimated market value of all goods and services produced during a given year. The attention of the majority of traders focused permanently on the two reports, which are issued before the final report of the gross domestic product a few months, namely the initial report and the report after the second quarter for the current year and the end of the impact of the delay in issuing the final report. When differences and many big differences that exist between the two reports will affect this thing on the market movements and leads to considerable fluctuations and the great.

The Consumer Price Index as an indicator of changes in retail prices for major consumer purchases a set, so it is one of the most important indicators, which directly affect the consumer price inflation and the state. Inflation in connection with the State directly and onion strong purchasing power of the currency within the State of which makes this thing a major impact on the country's position in the global ranking and international markets. If the development of the economy grow normally and the conditions of the normal ups and increase the consumer price index is likely to lead in turn to a rise in basic interest rates and therefore this would lead to a rise in the attractive power of the currency.

Employment security and the safety of the economy of the state indicators show the public sphere also reflect the health of the business circle, it is important to know the number of new jobs that have been established and set up, and those that have been removed, the number of complaints of unemployment and the percentage of the unemployed and workers, that these data and data secure and provide us possibility which required the understanding and knowledge of economic activity. The including of calculating the rate of inflation, it is important to recognize and growth in workers' wages and the speed of the changes.

Be issued retail sales index on a monthly level, this is the indicator of great importance especially for traders of foreign currencies so as to being a D to the strength of the economy and the strength of consumer spending, the index offers a large and important benefit so permanently is issued and also because it types and spectra of different variety of consumption that is repaired and modified in seasonal indicators, involving the importance of this indicator also using it as a resident of the other indicators, as we can on the way to evaluate the spot market paths.

Spending ratio reflects the balance between the amounts and the amounts paid to outside and between the amounts received from the outside, in other words that the balance of spending index refers to the total winning operations of foreign trade, the balance between import and export, and trade balance expenses. If they are coming from international organizations and institutions, and other countries and the superiority of the amounts exceed the amounts emerging from the state and the balance of spending her time will be positive as the surplus in the balance is a positive factor for the national currency for the same state growth.

Struggling governments seek to achieve economic stability, it serves as one of the most important objectives and which is based control inflation State, reduction unemployment rate and the completion of the balance in the balance of spending governments can do all of this by manipulating the fiscal and monetary policies, that monetary policy related to credit insurance, financial markets and also the financial bonds other while fiscal policy is based on the expenses and taxes.