Foreign currency market

The foreign exchange market is the organization transparent and clear international trade as a decentralized market, which operates according to the self-preparation system without any dominant central points and this is the opposite of the futures markets and stock markets. So the system is sound and structure of the market and the obvious this pattern lend it the transaction costs of trading and brokerage and exchange it cut and thus make it free of any fees. Composed foreign currency market and contains a lot of participants who are trading with each other in spite of the diversity of the different needs and interests, and these participants be divided into two groups for the first currency trading between banks and other currency trading markets, retail markets

Central Banks

It is the national central banks of the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve Bank, said the central banks for this important and key role in the foreign exchange market, which is affected by the policy of these banks and monetary authority. The role of central banks in bringing price stability and economic development through organizing and arranging all the money supply in the economy by defining and setting of interest and the needs of the reserve prices, as they are the country's foreign exchange reserves management, which can be used to influence the market factors and situations and exchange rates.

Commercial banks

We are one of the types of financial institutions as a bank Barclays, Deutsche Bank, for example, and that their performance is concentrated on taking deposits from members of certain bodies so that it is used to open accounts and loans for profit. These banks to secure liquidity to the foreign exchange market due to the large daily trading volume somewhat. As part of this trade there Substitutes foreign currencies as commissioners about the need for investors and that they do in some cases by the same banks' own trading rooms.

financial institutions

Investment funds held in financial institutions, pension funds, money managers and brokerage firms trading. These institutions are trading in foreign currencies as an integral part of its commitment to its customers seeking to get the best and completed investment opportunities. For example, portfolio managers will have to join and to engage in forex trading market so that they buy and sell global stocks.

Individual investors

Individual investors or independent traders who trade in the foreign exchange market in their trading relying on their own capital to do to achieve gains through their trading and speculation on exchange rates in the future. Trading individual investors and traders in the currency markets through trading platforms, which suffered a few points difference to them between buying and selling and effective implementation of operations in addition to the price of high-margin accounts.


Competent companies include import and export in the field as it is these activities by other foreign companies, these companies work to achieve the main buying and selling of foreign currencies against the goods and make them risky currencies requests. And through the currency market are numerous currency swap for the prevention of future market volatility.

Reserve funds

Reserve funds are private investment and operating according to expectations and trading of different types of financial Used cranes. Traded reserve funds by taking advantage of trading opportunities in the currency market, since they make buying and selling using the overall economic market analysis and which reflect a clear picture of market opportunities and to develop the market as a whole and which directly affect the countries all over the world and their currencies, that these funds are the most important of the key participants in the foreign exchange market mechanism the fact that this market is a large and strong liquidity great plans.

Retail currency trading market

The currency trading market monitoring and management of retail trading in the market between traders and speculators and traders among young novices. These trades are made through brokerage firms, which summed up her job and being a mediator between the retail market and among banks, the participants in the retail market are companies, individual investors and hedge funds.

Interbank currency trading markets

Currency trading between banks that are trading between commercial banks, central banks and financial institutions Includes market.