Oil trading

The benefits of the oil trading company with STRATTON FX

– The possibility of trading with leverage:

STRATTON FX company that enables its customers to get high and significant leverage to reach up to 1: 400, which allows you to double the capital and the largest amount of investment in contrast to other brokerage firms, which is subjected to very limited leverage.

– Trading with the help of graphs:

The CHARTS system is user-friendly, a special novice investors more it can be played through the circulation of oil by opening new positions and give the entry of orders and the perception of market movements and also use large leverage.

– Very few points difference:

The oil trading through STRATTON FX company is characterized by the lack of commissions or fees, allowing our customers to trade free of commissions and includes only a very simple point difference which ensures circulation of capital and investor safety.

– Arabic language support you around the clock:

STRATTON FX what distinguishes the company and the Department of support in your own language is Arabic, making it easier for you to deal with the process of the company, it will any one of the specialists to provide adequate support and adequate about your trading experience with us.

Oil trading   

You can see a list of the night trading session for the current changes by clicking here


The bonddifference in points* Leverage (even)trading hours (GMT)
oil0.05(USD)*Fixed100:122:01 – 21:10


* Can the points difference to double daily during the break.

Trading Hours

The oil trade begin at 22:01 GMT on Sunday to 21:00 GMT on Friday.

There is a break in the daily trading between the hours of 21:10 until 22:01 so you can not break through this open new positions or take profits and give an order to stop the loss.

Terms and trading laws

You can page the laws and conditions of the oil traded Visit for more details on the oil trading laws.