Gold trading via the internet

Benefits of gold and silver trading with Stratton FX company

– The possibility of trading with leverage:

Stratton FX company that enables customers to get high and significant leverage to reach up to 1: 400 in contrast to other brokerage firms, which is subjected to very limited leverage.

– Trading platform easy to use and quick to carry out orders:

Stratton FX company provides its customers with an easy and efficient trading platform so that trading is the ease and smoothness that enables you to carry out orders quickly and not delay it, that gold and silver trading platform in our company are the same foreign currencies, commodities and indices trading platform.

– Prices without competitor:

Stratton FX that the company is working with the world’s largest and most powerful banking institutions to offer it to its customers the best prices found. It is worth noting that trade gold and silver free of any kickbacks.

– Support for the trading room 24 hours a day:

Seeks Stratton FX company strives to provide the best services to its customers and from this standpoint, the trading room available to our customers 24 hours to receive the necessary support and guidance to complete the trading securely and content, in spite of being a trader novice or his previous experience, the bulk of our attention in Stratton FX company is to provide experience interesting trading enjoyable and successful.


For gold and silver trading

You can see a list of the night trading session for the current changes by clicking here


The bond

difference in points

* Leverage (even)

trading hours (GMT)


0.7 (USD)



22:01 – 21:10


0.07 (USD)



22:01 – 21:10

* Possible to the points difference to double daily during the break.

** Points is the difference between the bid price and demand any buying and selling price, which is variable and which are worth very simple and few. Stratton FX, the company does not levy any commissions or fees.

Trading Hours

The gold and silver trading starts at 22:01 GMT on Sunday to 21:10 pm GMT on Friday.

We would like to draw your attention: it is shutting down gold and silver trading between the hours of 21:00 until 22:01 GMT due to the recent liquidity in the global markets.

It is very important to learn Dear Investor that the difference in points is possible to increase when liquidity in the market remains low after 22:00 GMT.

Terms and trading laws

You can page Rules trading gold and silver to get more details on the gold and silver trading laws visit.