Believes in you trading CFDs traded with all kinds of securities, including certain financial lever, is trading CFDs traded easy and inexpensive so that it provides you with trading through seize opportunities to change prices of a large basket of indicators and commodities as well as leverage through the implementation of an effective and fast .

STRATTON FX company believes in you, dear reader, and a great big contracts group and provide you Applying the market commodity agricultural, precious metals, oil and gold as they offer you enormous and required indicators of stock market group such as the Dow Jones Index, Hang Kong , FTSE and other indices and commodities The main task.



major indexes




DJ 30


S&P 500


CAC 40


DAX 30






You can page Rules trading differences that allow you to review the extensive menu full of indicators and commodity contracts visit.


– Pros trading CFDs

– Low margin requirements:

During the trading CFDs with STRATTON FX company you can take advantage of the margin of between 2% to 5% and also leverage up to 1: 400. Saving you seize greater opportunities for many trades.

– There are no commissions:

We believe STRATTON FX trading company contracts free of any commission or fee differences. Apart from that from time to time, our company offers an exclusive work for only one day and according to which your trade will be free and be your transactions that are opened and closed on this day free of any expense or cost.

– The diversity of products:

STRATTON FX company that you believe in the diversity of products and feature that make you vulnerable to many different markets, giving you the potential trader to benefit from the terms of trade and a variety of different styles. The presence of a wide variety of products gives you the ability to lock in profits and gains by exploring a variety of trading and numerous markets.

– High liquidity:

Buying and selling prices happen permanently right time without any delay, except for STRATTON FX, the company provides you with the possibility of trading with a competitive difference points with the purchase and sale prices of existing real-time without any delay.

– Size of the contract:

CFD trading that believes in you to use a variety of different positions and sizes starting from small to large, and is a natural and normal thing that this thing is possible when dealing with the assets.

– Buying and selling:

CFD trading you can profit taking without any link to move the market, you can buy the contract if it believed that the market will move to the top and you can also sell the contract while I thought that the vector of the market down.


To gain more information regarding market trends and their impact on the trading of contracts you can visit the page examples trading contracts

Terms and advantages of trading CFDs