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STRATTON FX was founded by professionals with experts efficiencies high and preferences in the global trading market, so it is one of the largest companies in leadership Forex Trading, the most important influence on the global level so it strives to provide customers with the best secure electronic trading.

STRATTON FX offices are located on the seventh floor of the building area Street in the capital city of London, United Kingdom Britain

That ensure your earnings and your money is one of the most important points and the things that take a lot of space in the hierarchy of priorities STRATTON FX company it strives to achieve, maintain and keep up permanently, we believe all faith, the need for and the completion of the financial obligations and principles as one of the most important things necessary regardless of whether these obligations external or internal, so our guarantees built within the framework of an effective and important work to ensure a safe and enjoyable trading experience at the same time.

It has been created STRATTON FX company since ... .. to reap large continuous years of experience and with knowledge of the Savior and dedication to work and excellent service to its customers, and thus they will complete the journey infinite future work the same precision and the same standards.

The STRATTON FX company is working tightly with the largest and most important financial institutions and banking banks competent within the framework of its industry, foreign exchange, those of greatest preference banks through its work with STRATTON FX company to enable them to get the most important and best developments in prices of demand and supply and thus provide the best deals for their customers in terms of cost, follow-up, the provisions necessary protection.

STRATTON FX company offers three different types of trading accounts to suit all the various categories of traders: the mini account, regular account, the golden account. Our company is also characterized by the provision of Islamic accounts for traders Muslims being free from usurious interest accounts. You can benefit from more information about the types of accounts in the company visit STRATTON FX trading accounts page.

Believes STRATTON FX company traded for all traders categories of services to fit these services for novice traders access to professional traders with extensive experience, so our services available daily for 24 hours and are available in several languages, ​​not to mention effective trading platform offered by our company, which includes deadly and powerful trading tools which ensures successful and fruitful trading experience.

The the- spread or the so-called price difference is the difference in points between the purchase price and the selling price, which is charged by the mediation you to companies as an investor on every purchase deal or sale carried out through your wallet, is worth mentioning that the- spread variable and not fixed so that it changed that increased or at least according to certain times or according to the type of rolling the currency pair.

Account Information

Demo account or the so-called calculates the demo is a free account from which you can identify the trading better world closer through a demo trading before the start of the use of real money in your account real as you are through this imaginary account will be able to enter the market and the opening and closing transactions and the use of all trading tools available which makes you touch the close of trading experience like a real full and comprehensive trading and getting used to the system and the global trading strategies. The process is very simple to open a demo account, which can be supplemented by the company's website STRATTON FX.COM Upon completion of the registration we will provide you data entry personal to your account, which will be activated in the amount of $ 50,000 and how to get to the trading platform will also your support of our company staff to help you with everything that is needed and on any inquiry or any question.

Opening an account Company STRATTON FX fun of the easiest things in our company, we designed our calculations designed to suit the customer comfort and make it the foundation, all you have to do click on the registration of opening an account Company STRATTON FX and the mobilization of the necessary data or you can also send this data via e-mail or by Our fax, and once the approval of the data will continue to be with you and one of the representatives of the company to complete and open the wallet to fund the account activated and start trading.

Necessary for the company to open an account STRATTON FX data are as follows: 1. personal check image as a passport or an official personal card or driver's license. 2. proof of your address, such as a bank document or services such as electricity bill or water bill. This data is sent either by e-mail accounts@ or by sending them by fax to number .. include your full name and your account number.

After you register, you receive a welcome message to your e-mail attached to the verification link, please see the e-mail and click on the link, and if the link does not work, please copy and paste the e-mail address on the browser box and if the link still does not work you can contact the support team our company by e-mail .... Or live chat, which will help you solve the problem.

Can a company STRATTON FX study this topic extensively and textured, this after the establishment of the company concerned to send their data and identity papers needed to severe. If you open an account interest institution or a company name you dear you can send a request via e-mail the following.

Sorry, dear reader, it STRATTON FX as the company does not allow its customers to open more than one account.

STRATTON FX company that offers the possibility to open a joint account between two or more parties provided that the conclusion of a contract in this regard and signed by both parties in advance of the start of trading.

To a lesser extent, for transactions in our company is 5,000 units of base currency leverage up to 1: 400.

You can modify or change your account details by communicating with your manager or with a representative of the support staff in the company.

What distinguishes STRATTON FX traded company that is devoid of any fees or any commissions, which ensures a successful and fruitful trading more.

Yes, for further inquiries in this regard please contact one of our representatives.

STRATTON FX that the company does not charge any Mpela Simply put, even from its clients accounts to any tax goals, the first and last in charge of dealing with tax obligations is the customer, according to local law in his state.

The global trading market available 24 hours over five days a week from Monday through Friday, enabling you to effectively and comfortable and profitable trading the same time management.

Deposits and withdrawals

STRATTON FX company that deals with several local banks within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the countries of Europe, you can preview the list of banks and choose the right bank.

You can drag to make a withdrawal of your money either by filling out a request to withdraw the money or form by pressing the "withdrawal of funds" have logged in to your box. To help carry out the withdrawal of funds effectively, please follow the instructions below: - Funds can be transferred directly to your bank account by bank transfer or can send back the withdrawal of funds to your credit card. - If you make a deposit using a certain credit card you can not withdraw money, but the card itself. - You should consider to keep the amount not less than $ 100 at a minimum in order to maintain an effective balance account.

STRATTON FX company allows you many options to facilitate the process of deposit in your account, namely: 1. bank transfer. 2. Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, DinersClub). 3. CachU card. You can preview the page Deposit methods to obtain complete information in this regard.

The lowest amount you can start trading the company STRATTON FX is US $ 500.

STRATTON FX company that does not require any fees to deposit or withdraw money, but we recommend that you always refer to your bank or credit card company to make sure there are no fees or commission given by the bank when the money transfer.

The time in which the amount deposited varies by way of deposit used shows, as the credit card you need to the equivalent of 24 hours from the time of receipt to complete the money transfer process while the bank transfer need approximately between one day and up to two days to complete the implementation process of time receipt.

STRATTON FX that the company is making its best efforts in order to be sure of a money transfer is fast, effective and prompt. The regular remittances need the equivalent of 3 to 6 working days as the maximum speed the conversion process could be affected by several factors. While the money that is withdrawn by credit card are added to the card balance in the immediate. While withdrawals bank transfers that have been approved are sent to the bank on the same day approval and routinely be sent by the bank on the same day.

To be able to pull extra bonus you have to reach a certain volume which is as follows: on every $ 100 of the $ bonus you have to reach the trading volume of the value of Lot 20 in order to be able to be withdrawn.

That your manager will provide all the help and support you and to properly manage your account, which you can correspondence by e-mail or phone. If your manager is not present if you will receive help from our support crew and a specialist in providing assistance to our customers around the clock. Be confident that we extend our presence Dear help you at any time and on any inquiry in order to provide you with the best and convenient trading which ensures care of your needs and meet them.

Trading Platform

Stopping stop loss increases the level of protection where rolling it guarantees a specific loss does not exceed the capacity of the client, as it is used to reduce the risk and reduce trading time by closing a bad deal after the market exceeded a certain price to be determined in advance of the opening of the deal before rolling.

STRATTON FX company that provides platforms and sophisticated task of trading at the global level, namely: 1. SIRIX WEBTRADER platform and is one of the latest trading platforms and easiest to use. 2. META TRADER 4 platform Walt is one of the most popular trading platforms and the widespread circulation of many features globally.

Stop moving loss system is to stop the loss of which is to change or modify itself automatically and only when the market moves in favor of open your deal so that it moves according to a certain number of points have been pre-selected, so the stop moving loss system ensures that you reap the profits and gains greater while your trade would be safe if prices fell unexpectedly.

Yes, once you logged into the trading platform you can re-arrange them again as it deems appropriate from your point of view and according to your specific needs for trading. You can increase the windows and remove or increase Charts and build new business areas.

In short, the forex market or what is called a foreign exchange market is the largest, widest and most important global financial markets, as the daily trading range for the size of the market up more than 4 trillion US dollars, this market depends mainly on the sale and purchase of various foreign currencies consisting of more 50 currency pairs are traded currency against another. To gain more information on the forex market you can enter the page and Page Forex Forex education.

The bib is a unit that is used to measure the price change difference of the purchase and sale of foreign currencies and is the smallest unit of measurement of foreign currencies. The the- Pip can investors in the forex market to determine the increase or decline in the value of currencies, as the points per unit of the- Pip is equal to 0.0001 and it is profit and loss in the forex market measure.

The the- Lot or what is called the size of the contract and a unit of measurement volume in the transaction and any unit of measurement for the size of monetary units, the Forex Trading Pal always measured Lot which is equal to $ 100,000.