As one of the leaders in the global financial markets, STRATTON FX specializes in trading securities like commodities global brokerage firms, CFDs, foreign currencies and stocks Home. And our company as a global company, we are keen to be licensed and certified company by the main financial bodies in the world, which makes us give our customers a guaranteed circulation experience, a safe, clear and profitable. STRATTON FX company that is subject to severe conditions and committed organization in all areas of the company that includes the separation of the company’s funds for its clients funds, data sheets and customer management and preparation of financial reports. It is our keen desire to provide the most effective services to our customers, therefore STRATTON FX is officially licensed at the global level.


Securing your money and your revenue favorite is the priority and the first from the point of view of our company, so your money will be with us in full keenness and safety in international banks safe and excellent in Britain and Europe.