The STRATTON FX company offers to its customers display brought a friend, one of our programs that promote the influence and revenues wallet that enables you to take advantage of the offer bonus extra free bonus provide for your portfolio, you can Dear rolling to get an extra bonus on each client you know on our company and would like to trade with us by activate the electronic purse which makes you have to expand your relationships deliberative circle and enjoy the beautiful bonus additional revenue and strengthen your current account in STRATTON FX company.

We’ll show you The following table includes the display deposit which deposited friend, the value of your bonus and also grant free cash earned by your friend.


The amount of deposit

free bonus cash

grant your friend

$100 – $500

$20 – $100


$501 – $2,000


$50 – $200

$2,001 – $10,000


$200 – $1,000

$10,001 – $20,000


$1,000 – $2,000


According to the account, it makes sense the greater the number of people who get to know and walk in the company of your way whenever the number will grow your rewards you and your friend, and thus the value of your earnings and profits.

Rules system brought a friend

– STRATTON FX that the company has the right to modify or cancel this program according to the time at which you want it deems appropriate.

– The display brought a friend bonus program is available only for new accounts, which begins in the amount of at least $ 500.

– Will be added to your wallet extra bonus portfolio after activating your friend and make sure its data and identity papers.