Education Department

Stratton FX provides you with complete and thorough training to help teach you everything you need to know about Forex, CFD, and the terminology involved, free of charge. This section is one of the most important first steps to explore the world of trading.

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Deposit Methods

All available methods that you can use in payment transactions, including local bank transfers and means of deposits across the web such as cashio cards and credit cards. Browse here for available methods and start trading.

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The foreign exchange market or the so-called forex market is one of the largest financial markets on a global-scale level. The daily trading volume exceeds 4 trillion dollars which shows the greatness of this market and its influence, that is available 24 hours a day.

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Trading Accounts

Our company offers several types of accounts that differ between each other: The mini account is available for beginners in the forex market, the regular account/intermediate which we recommend the investors, and the golden accounts in which deposits can go up to 1 million dollars.

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In short, our company ...

STRATTON FX is one of the leaders in the global financial markets, specializing in trading securities like commodities, global brokerage firms, CFDs, foreign currencies and prime stocks. As an international company we give our customers a guaranteed, safe, and profitable trading experience.

STRATTON FX company is subject to strict and committed conditions in all areas . This includes total separation of the company's funds from its clients funds, data sheets and customer management and preparation of financial reports.

In this sense it is our keen desire to provide the most effective services to our customers.
STRATTON FX company is one of the leading influential and powerful brokerage firms globally as it provides its clients with foreign exchange trading for many platforms, including the world-famous trading platform STRATTON FX. Our company provides the highest quality services and the best quality in several languages. As it put most of its attention to comfort their customers and provide them with the best of various fields and sections.

STRATTON FX ensures customer safe and secure handling of each investor tradings and reflects the credibility to the fullest as required for clients.

Always trade in a measured way, always aware that the loss of a deal is a real possibility.
Know when to use the stop-loss order.

We wish you a profitable trading!

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